Leadership Commission

Mary Anne O'Shea, Chair

The Leadership Commission Chair assembles all reports and attends the Board meetings.  Since the Leadership Commission encompasses many areas it should not be a “one person” commission.  It should be divided among a sub-committee arrangement so that more than one individual may be involved.  Many members may not be ready to become a Chair or be a member of the Board.  Most members, however, are willing to take a small task as part of a Commission.  The following are some suggested sub-programs or projects for the Leadership Commission.  

Programs – With the approval of the Affiliation President, plan programs for monthly meetings.

Publicity – Implement ways to communicate with members and non-members, for example bulletin announcements, news releases, affiliation newsletter, flyers, etc.

Protocol – Assist Parliamentarian with handling protocol issues.

Hospitality – facilitate with welcoming new parish members and inviting them to join Council

Communication – encourage members to attend regional and diocesan training days, workshops, conventions, etc.

Membership recruitment and retention – Promote and facilitate activities to increase membership such as various forms of membership drives.  Keep roll call at meetings and check on members who are not present.  Make them feel needed.

Volunteer Hours – it is the Leadership Commission that collects the volunteer hours of the members and sends them on to the Diocesan Leadership Chair.

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