Esteemed Life Member Award Committee

At this time of our council year, we once again seek nominees for the Esteemed Life Member Award. The committee looks forward to many nominations this year.

Qualifications and information concerning nominations are enclosed.

We ask that nominations be returned to the chair on or before March 20, 2018.

Nomination Form 

You will notice the qualifications state a council member who was or is actively involved in council. The nominee may not be physically able to be as active as she was at one time - but still has a deep love and respect of council and its many programs and activities. Some of these loyal members are now only able to support council with prayer. At this time, we do not have a posthumous award.

Let us hear from you in the near future.

Mail nominations to:

Winkie LeFils P.O.Box 66 Osteen, FL 32764 386-428-2213

May Our Lady of Good Counsel guide us as we continue our council journey into the 50th anniversary of the Orlando Diocesan Council of Catholic Women.

Winkie LeFils, Chair

Esteemed Life Member Award Committee