The Orlando Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (ODCCW) represents the Catholic women in the Diocese of Orlando through parish affiliations or groups.  We have 33 affiliations at the present time in the five deaneries:  Central Deanery, Eastern Deanery, Northern Deanery, Southern Deanery and Western Deanery Each deanery elects three representatives to serve on the ODCCW Board.  

The Orlando Council is affiliated with the National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW) and strives to “support, educate, and empower” the women in our diocese “in spirituality, leadership, and service,” as stated in the NCCW Mission Statement. 

 The President of the ODCCW represents the women in the diocese at the State (or Province) level by attending meetings of the Florida Council of Catholic Women (FCCW), also known as the Province of Miami.  The FCCW President, in turn, represents the women in the state of Florida by serving on the Board of the National Council of Catholic Women.

 Our organization is a service organization and we are structured around three (3) commissions:  Spirituality, Leadership and Service.  The work of the Council is done through these commissions.